Camp Stephens

Providing the highest caliber of care is only part of the equation, to truly provide fullness and richness of life, experiences must be fostered and opportunity must be provided. That’s why we made Camp Stephens.

This summer we introduced Camp Stephens, a comprehensive, full-day program for Stephen’s Place residents and guests. Each month, themed programming engages the minds and bodies of participants physically, socially, and creatively. Subjects and activities range from the Solar System and Hawaiian Luaus to Sports Teams, Physical Fitness, Sign Language, Greenhouse (Nature) Therapy and Arts/Crafts.

Camp Stephens offers a variety of activities for our residents to enjoy during the summertime.

On Monday and Thursday each week, the Camp Stephens Day Program runs from 9AM to 5PM. Non-residents are encouraged to enroll and participate to encourage a true sense of community by forging bonds and developing friendships.In addition to sharing the many benefits of Stephen’s Place with our guests, we look forward to expanding our circle of friends in the local community.

Are you interested in learning more about Stephen’s Place? Do you have a loved one with developmental disabilities that may thrive as a resident with us? Enrolling in the Camp Stephens Day Program allows for residents and their families to gain access and visibility to everyday resident life at Stephen’s Place. For some, Camp Stephens will be an introduction to a world they have not yet experienced and for others, it is an opportunity to see why Stephen’s Place is set apart.