Our Residents

Our goal to create a community led us to develop the qualifications below. Read through and see if Stephen’s Place is the right place for your loved one.

  • Resident must be a mature adult with a primary diagnosis of complex learning and/or mild developmental disability. This may include autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other similar conditions.
  • Resident has mastered basic grooming and hygiene skills.
  • Resident has had no past illegal activity or substance abuse.
  • Resident may require minor physical assistance. This may include help with mobility, medication, and activities of daily living.
  • Resident responds to a structured, positive and routine environment.
  • Resident may have been isolated from friendships, family and peers because of inadequate social skills.
  • Resident must have social skills that are appropriate to live in a community of semi-independent peers.
  • Resident and/or family must be able to pay expenses solely as private-pay. Some individuals may apply for financial aid.