Our New Therapeutic Garden

We now have a therapeutic garden at Stephen’s Place. May was a busy and exciting time for the Stephen’s Place garden club. Led by our Therapeutic Gardening Program Coordinator Jolie Donohue, our hardworking volunteers Lara and Michele removed and transplanted several shrubs and ornamental grasses to make room for our new therapeutic garden. Garden Club participants assisted with removing weeds… Read More

The Orange Pomander

Activities for Developmentally Disabled Adults   Winter in the pacific northwest means citrus season! Last week in garden club, our Stephen’s Place family did a citrus plant study by sampling several citrus fruits including: Heirloom Navel orange, Blood Orange, Cara Cara orange, Page tangerine, and Satsuma mandarin. As part of our study, we made fragrant… Read More

Daily Routines at Stephen’s Place

Daily routines at Stephen’s Place are anything but boring. After a restful sleep, the alarm sounds and the average Joe is off and on his way to start his day. Teeth brushed, check. Shower, check. Hair coiffed, check. Breakfast eaten, newspaper read and lunch in hand, check, check, check. Business Professionals and soccer moms alike… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Carol McNamara, RN

Known for her gentle approach, her gift of listening and her love for animals, Carol McNamara is first described by her team as “compassionate” and “fantastic.” A Neonatal Nurse for over twenty years, Carol McNamara serves Stephen’s Place residents with the greatest level of respect, care and concern for their individual needs. It should be said,… Read More

Camp Stephens

Providing the highest caliber of care is only part of the equation, to truly provide fullness and richness of life, experiences must be fostered and opportunity must be provided. That’s why we made Camp Stephens. This summer we introduced Camp Stephens, a comprehensive, full-day program for Stephen’s Place residents and guests. Each month, themed programming… Read More

What Is Relationship-Based Care?

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash How relationship-based care made it’s way to Stephen’s Place and why it’s so important for our residents. “You can fill a position with a pulse but you just can’t translate heart.” – Angie Roush A few moments of conversation with Angie Roush, VP of Residential Life will tell you everything you need to… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Angie Roush

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Angie Roush, Stephen’s Place VP of Residential Life. Q: Do you have a favorite quote? A: Carpe Diem! Q: If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you? A: Ellen Degeneres Q: If you had to eat one meal,… Read More

Stephen’s Place Edible Smiles

It’s lunch time at Stephen’s Place. The table is set and the aroma of the next culinary feast fills the air at Stephen’s Place. The closer you come to the kitchen, the clearer the sound of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” sung with gusto. Upon entering the kitchen, you are greeted by the smile and… Read More

Staff Spotlight: Heather Stenberg

When visiting Stephen’s Place, you will likely receive a warm welcome from VP of Operations, Heather Stenberg. From managing daily activities and programming to her care and concern for each resident, Heather Stenberg’s passion for the Stephen’s Place community is evident. She daily strives to create an environment that is rich with community interaction and family involvement. Q: Do… Read More

The Stephen’s Place Vision

This is the story of the Stephen’s Place vision — thanks to a couple’s dream for their child. The Kuni Foundation exists to support medical research for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and to support the enhancement of the lives of the developmentally disabled. Additionally, the private foundation provides countless volunteer hours to medical,… Read More