5 Inclusive Hiking Trails in the Pacific Northwest for Adults with Disabilities

Inclusive hiking trail
Stephen’s Place Residents at Catherine Creek Hiking Trail

The gorgeous Pacific Northwest, renowned for its breathtaking scenery which includes stunning lakes and majestic mountains, also has another little-known secret. There are a number of inclusive trails around the region making the nature accessible to all.

The following hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest are great for adults with varying levels of ability. Some of the best hiking destinations in the area include the following 5 inclusive hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest.

Catherine Creek Inclusive Hiking Trail

Catherine Creek Trail

Scenic Catherine Creek Hiking Trail lies to the east of the Columbia River Gorge. The hiking trail is popular with nature lovers and birdwatchers. 

Adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities who would like to conquer this hiking trail can take a quarter-mile route on a level path and end up at the majestic Catherine Creek Falls.

At the beginning of the trail, you’ll find an accessible bathroom, which is available through January through to June. The Catherine Creek Trail holds an abundance of botanical wonders, presenting its hikers with unforgettable views of the Columbia Gorge and River and Mount Hood.

Weldon Wagon Road Trail Hike Sign Post

White Salmon Creek: Weldon Wagon Road Hike

White Salmon Creek, a beautiful gem in the heart of Oregon, offers wonderfully scenic hiking trails.

The Weldon Wagon Trail forms part of the White Salmon Oak Natural Resources Conservation Area. Adults with disabilities can take part in a five-mile hiking trail that traverses the wooded region. 

The trail lies at an elevation of 1,340 ft and is home to hundreds of vibrant wildlife species. With breathtaking views of Mount Adams and Mount Hood, this hiking trail offers hikers the experience of a lifetime.

Opal Creek Trail Waterfall

Opal Creek Trail

Opal Creek Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Oregon. In spring and summer, this trail is particularly overcrowded.

It stretches for a distance of around 6 to 7 miles and lies at an elevation of 1,900 feet. Note: The path can be gravelly at points.

The trail rewards hikers with beautiful views of Oregon waterfalls such as Sawmill Falls, cedarwood forests, as well as a sojourn through the historic town of Jawbone Flats. 

Balfour Klickitat Trail Greenery and Waterfall

Balfour Klickitat Trail

The Balfour-Klickitat area, part of the Washington Audubon Birdwatching Trail, is a birdwatchers’ paradise. Famous for eagle, songbird, and waterfowl spotting, the region offers a great hiking experience on a level, paved road amidst the wonders of nature. 

Their inclusive hiking trail runs from Klickitat Cove onwards through Mill Creek and Klickitat River and has plenty of resting and picnic spots along the way. It passes through a labeled wildlife observation spot and ends up with spectacular views of the Columbia River and Gorge. 

Wahkeena Falls

Wahkeena Falls 

Situated on the Columbia River Highway are the mesmerizing Wahkeena Falls and Hiking Trail. 

The hiking trail offers hypnotic views of the natural scenery all around. Its name “Wahkeena” is a Yakima Indian word meaning “most beautiful“.

The 242-foot high Wahkeena Falls lies south of the highway and the path leading to it accessible for people of all abilities. Enroute one witnesses the historic highway, Columbia River and enchanting Fairy Falls. The hiking trail also has a secluded picnic area with accessible tables.

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