5 Female Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Believe in Limits


Megology was started by Megan Bomgaars who has also starred in “Born This Way.” Located in Colorado, the company makes hand-dyed products, from t-shirts and scarves to pillowcases. Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated.

Some of Bomgaars’ products feature her motto, “Don’t limit me.” “Don’t limit me” was the title of a video she made for her teachers at school, which quickly became a viral video. The motto is about being fully included in a community while also overcoming limitations, according to the Megology website.

“Nothing can ever limit me! I am destined to accomplish my dreams no matter what obstacles get in my way!”

– Megan Bomgaars

Bomgaars is also a public speaker and can be booked for speaking engagements. You can find her products here.

Carolyn Sampson of reason to bake

Reason to Bake

Made in North Carolina, Reason to Bake makes gluten-free cookies. Carolyn Sampson runs the bakery with her mother, Elise.

“At Reason to Bake, we don’t believe in limitations.

According to the company’s website, the company is committed to hiring people with intellectual disabilities as the company grows. According to Elise, Carolyn has picked up interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and a sense of pride through her work with Reason to Bake.

“In our hearts, we believed [Carolyn] was capable of learning a profession, not just an entry-level job.”

Elise Sampson via The Mighty

Reason to Bake sells three main flavors of cookies plus limited edition seasonal flavors too.

21 Reasons Why

21 Reasons Why is a fashion line by Madeline Stuart, an Australian model with Down syndrome. The line was featured in New York Fashion Week.

Stuart stands for inclusiveness, no matter height, age, size, race or disability. The name, 21 Reasons Why, is a tribute to her extra 21st chromosome. The name is also in reference to Stuart’s passions which includes reasons to better ourselves by being more inclusive and healthier.

“People sometimes believe if you have a disability you are not capable of achieving great things, please join me in trying to end this belief. Let’s educate the world.”

– Madeline Stuart, Australian Supermodel

During her #BreakingTheMouldTour, Madeline travels all over the world to schools, shows, and sporting events to empower and educate. She’s determined to make a change in popular opinion about the limitations of disabilities. You can find out more about Madeline on her highlight reel.

Gracie’s Doggie Delights

Gracie Jagler found it hard to find secure employment. So she took a different route. She loves dogs, and she loves giving her three schnauzers treats. Through her passion for making dogs happy, Gracie, along with the help of her parents, started her own dog treat business.

The dog treats, which are supplied to Gracie for labeling and packaging from a local butcher, are freeze-dried USDA-inspected meat. Gracie has thousands of online customers and two dozen retail locations.

“She works hard, makes personal home deliveries and delivers to several of the stores that carry her treats,”

John Jagler, Gracie’s father, wrote for The Mighty

The Amazing Cookie

After being told “no” by many potential employers, Collette decided to open her own business. Collettey’s is a cookie business run by Collette Divitto, in Boston, MA.

Collette is looking to hire people with disabilities as her business grows and hopes to hire 20 people with disabilities.

Collette sells her famous “The Amazing Cookie“, which is a chocolate chip cookie with cinnamon. She is currently working on developing a healthy breakfast cookie.

About Stephen’s Place
Stephen’s Place is an independent apartment community for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, located in Vancouver, WA (close to Portland, OR).

We’re a nonprofit set up by a mother of two sons with developmental disabilities. Stephen’s Place is the namesake of one her sons, Stephen, who passed in his 20s. She wanted to build a place where her son could live his life independently, and with dignity.

If you have a loved one with developmental or intellectual disabilities, who is looking for a community to live and thrive in, please contact us for more information.

Due to our state-of-the-art amenities and programs, Stephen’s Place is a private-pay apartment community. We do not profit from our community. We do spend more to ensure that our residents are comfortable and can safely live their lives with as much independence as possible.