This Dad Built an Inclusive Igloo for his Daughter

A father of nine children, eight of whom have specials needs, built his daughter a wheelchair-accessible igloo–he even added a snowball deck to make it was as much fun as possible for all of the kids.

“Our family is very inclusive,” he told “We try to include all of our kids when it’s possible. I just decided we would build it that way.”

Gregg Eichhorn and his wife Katie adopted all nine of their children. “I think it’s really important that all kids with medical and special needs that are orphans have people to step up,” he told CBS News, “and provide them with homes.”

According to the couple, their daughter, Zahara, lights up whenever she has the chance to be around other people. “Zahara was just super happy. That’s how she is,” Gregg said. The Eichhorn’s adopted Zahara from Uganda when she was 13. She has cerebral palsy and it’s very important to Gregg and Katie that she gets the opportunity to spend time with other people.

In a post that has garnered 71k upvotes on Reddit, Gregg’s friend showed an image of the wheelchair-accessible fort, explaining that Gregg had built the snow fort for his daughter.