Why Does Independent Living Matter?

assisted living

What do you think when you hear the words “independent living?”

What comes to mind when the term “adult care home” is mentioned? Do you imagine medical teams wearing white jackets and blue scrubs? Do you envision walking through sterile hallways lined with wheelchairs and stretchers? Can you hear the buzzing intercoms and security doors locking into place? The social stigma of homes for adults with developmental disabilities is tragically misconstrued because of cultural, social and historical representations. For some, an adult care home seems like the end of the road, sad and disconnected. But it doesn’t have to be — it can be a thriving community of inclusion and growth.  That’s what independent living means for us at Stephen’s Place.

Stephen’s Place is determined to change public perception and help families recognize our effort to deinstitutionalize care and foster a unique community of residents living fulfilled and independent lives.

Far beyond the warmth of the atmosphere and the depth of relationship, you will find Stephen’s Place breaks through those perceptions of adult care by providing intentional programming, community involvement and support to the family of residents.

Intentional programming paves the way for independence

Many residents are learning for the first time what it means to live independently. For some, getting their own mail each day is a step towards an independent life. For others, they might do their own laundry, manage their own finances or maintain their Stephen’s Place apartment-style home. Our programming is uniquely designed to allow each resident the freedom in exploring the world around them and how they can contribute to society through relationships.

Community matters

Independent living is not possible without the support and encouragement of friends, loved ones and caregivers. Daily activities and social events give residents a chance to get to know and engage with their Stephen’s Place neighbors. Our residents are learning and looking forward to each day as they participate in a wide range of activities, such as game nights, sign language classes, arts and crafts. They also have an opportunity to head out into the community at-large to volunteer and be present in the lives of others. It is our goal to see residents thrive as they experience greater levels of independence.

Support comes in many forms

Caring for adults with developmental disabilities can have a lasting effect on caretakers and families. When residents join Stephen’s Place, their family can  receive support in the knowledge that their loved ones are taken care of by caregivers that give attentive and relationship-based care. By allowing them to thrive and grow in the knowledge of who they are and how they can actively participate in the lives of others, Stephen’s Place residents have a chance to show their family the depth and richness of their lives.

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