Inclusive Exercise | DB Bench Press

Every week our in-house fitness company, Specialty Athletic Training, uses their knowledge to serve up quick #wellnesswednesday tips and inclusive exercises for every ability level. For this week’s inclusive exercise, we have the DB Bench Press.

Specialty Athletic Training began in 2007 when Ryan Lockard started working as a 1:1 aide for a boy with autism. Ryan immediately noticed that physical education goals were set much lower for his new autistic student than his peers.

Now with 4 locations, one of which is inside the Stephen’s Place building, Specialty Athletic Training serves people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

DB Bench Press Instructions:

1) Place hands on dumbbells and lean back onto bench.

2) Set up:

  • Lay flat on the bench
  • Create five points of contact with the bench and floor: Head, Shoulders, Glutes, and both Feet.

3) Push dumbbells up by extending arms and bring directly over mid-chest, Starting Position.

4) Control dumbbells down until they make contact with mid-chest.

5) Push dumbbells vertically until arms are extended into starting position.

Ryan Lockard, CSCS, CFNS, is the head trainer and founder of Specialty Athletic Training. He is accredited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as well as by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Ryan has worked with individuals with special needs since 2007 and has over 10,000 hours of 1:1 instruction working with individuals that have various special needs.