Braille Reading Resources

We all get to read books and internet articles on a regular basis. Well, actually, not all of us. It’s so much harder to find a good read when you’re blind. Given that, we’ve gathered a couple of great links and placed them into this article.

If you’re looking for new books or other reading materials for you or a family member, take a look at the National Library Service (NLS). The NLS provides free braille and talking books that can be received either through the mail or on the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) website.

You’ll Need to Apply
In order to apply for the National Library service, find your local network library. Most of the participating libraries can be reached via e-mail, telephone, or in writing. Their phone number is 1-888-657-7323.

After you’ve determined your eligibility, identified the appropriate library, and submitted your application, you’ll need to wait around five business days for your application to be reviewed and accepted.

Then What?
Once accepted, you should have access to books through the mail. NLS also provides its own digital devices for free to people who don’t have other means of accessing and listening to the books and magazines that are read aloud.

Books in the NLS collections are selected by professional librarians using the same standards for all other library materials, and the collection’s books start at the preschool level and go all the way up–there’s truly something for every taste, ability, and genre preference. You can also get textbooks through local education entities. To do so, contact the National Library Reference Section.

With its diverse collections of braille and audio materials, as well as its knowledgeable librarians, the NLS is a resource to consider when searching for something to read or listen to.