Braille Reading Resources

We all get to read books and internet articles on a regular basis. Well, actually, not all of us. It’s so much harder to find a good read when you’re blind. Given that, we’ve gathered a couple of great links and placed them into this article. If you’re looking for new books or other reading materials for… Read More

Inclusive Exercise | Hip Bridge

Specialty Athletic Training began in 2007 when Ryan Lockard started working as a 1:1 aide for a boy with autism. Ryan immediately noticed that physical education goals were set much lower for his new autistic student than his peers. Now with 4 locations, one of which is inside the Stephen’s Place building, Specialty Athletic Training… Read More

Health Tips to Help You Thrive During Finals

Being a student isn’t easy. It is a continuous grind of hard work, sacrifices, and dedication. You have spent hours each day going to school, doing homework, and taking part in group study sessions. Then let’s remember all of the extracurricular activities that you may be a part of or the job that you have…. Read More