Inclusive Weekly Workouts

Every week, Ryan Lockard from Specialty Athletic Training brings us quick tips and inclusive workouts to try. Specialty Athletic Training, Vancouver, is based out of the Stephen’s Place gym. Having Ryan and his crew here makes our residents–and the Vancouver community–much healthier. Many of our residents love working out with the team so much that they… Read More

Determining Your Caloric Needs

Tailor your caloric intake based on your goals and activity level to get the most out of your workouts. Below is a table that will help you find your daily calorie intake range based on your activity level and goal. For example, if I was a moderately active individual that weighed 150 pounds (lbs) and had a goal… Read More

Inclusive Exercises for Everyone: Band Pull Aparts

Band Pull Aparts are great for inclusive training in a group, or for beginner to pro athletes. They’re an easy way to strengthen your upper back, shoulders and overall posture. They’re also great exercises to do while traveling as the band is literally the most transportable piece of gym equipment available to humans. Here’s how to incorporate Band Pull Aparts… Read More

Bring Order To Your Workout

Photo Credit: Mary Rebekah Moore When you go to the gym, what is the first thing that you do? Do you go straight to the dumbbell rack and start doing bicep curls? Do you head to the bench press to see what your one rep max is? By programming your workouts and having the correct… Read More