Fairy Glow Jars

Fairy Glow Jars are easy, fun and a beautiful way to light up your room.

Who doesn’t love a bit of magic from these Fairy Glow Jars? Here’s what you’ll need for this fun project:

Fairy Glow Jars are easy and fun to make - not to mention pretty.

1 mason jar
Glow in the dark paint
Paper to use as an easel
Elmer’s glue
A little bit of pixie dust (glitter)

Step 1: Pour some of the glow in the dark paint out on the paper so you can easily mix it when you go to paint your jar.

Step 2: Open up your jar and dip a paintbrush into the paint. Starting at the bottom of the jar, dab little specks of paint all over the inside of the jar. It’s important to cover the bottom of the jar first so you don’t smudge the sides when you get there.

Step 3: After you’ve covered the entire inside of the jar in specks of glow in the dark paint, leave it to dry. When it’s all set, leave it out in the sun for about a half hour so it can charge up the glow!

Step 4: While the jars are charging in the sun, you can take the top of the lid and cover it in a thin layer of Elmer’s glue. Sprinkle pixie dust all over it, making sure it’s covered in an even layer. When that dries, tap off the excess.

Step 5: Put the lid back on the jar and watch it sparkle! For extra magic, hang them up in your room so you can have your own DIY nightlights!

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