Last Minute Holiday Side Dishes

If you didn’t have enough time to prepare for that family dinner, here are some last minute holiday dish ideas. The holiday season is in full swing now and for most of us, that means lots of good, homemade food!  If you don’t have the time to prepare a 5 star meal for the family,… Read More

The History Of Santa

We all remember a time when we left cookies and milk on the hearth for Santa and waited all night to see if we could spot him coming down the chimney. It’s part of the magic of Christmas and the season of believing.  Here at Stephen’s Place, we make sure every one of our residents… Read More

7 Sensory Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Shopping for gifts can be hard, but here are some ideas for sensory presents that anyone can enjoy. The holidays bring a touch extra work to the already overpacked schedule of any parent/carer/human. We were thinking about these rather simple, yet very effective sensory gifts and thought we’d share. Large-piece Puzzles When you’re a person… Read More

Top 5 No-Bake Holiday Recipes

Christmas dishes can get complicated quickly, so here are some easy, no-bake holiday recipes to bring home this year. Every year around the holidays we start seeing more recipes for delicious Christmas treats, from easy cookies to intricate cakes.  We’d like to share some of the ones we found for this season, especially since they’re… Read More

5 Easy DIY No-Sew Halloween Costumes

Who says no-sew Halloween costumes aren’t creative and fun? Sometimes there’s no time to spare to make a Halloween costume.  With that in mind, here’s a list of fun, no-sew Halloween costumes you can quickly and easily make at home: 1. Bubblebath An easy and fun costume that you can put together with some white… Read More

8 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

If you can’t get your hands on a carving kit, never fear – no-carve pumpkin ideas are out there. It’s that time of year again.  We’ve been busy getting ready for fall, which includes tending to our autumn plants for Garden Club, tidying up the greenhouse before winter hits and our favorite — painting pumpkins!  This… Read More

Harvest Time

Harvest time is upon Stephen’s Place. The leaves are turning all sorts of different colors, the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter — and Stephen’s Place is loving it right now!  Whether you’re a fan of autumn or of the holiday season growing near, it’s hard not to love harvest time…. Read More

Magnetic Slime

Magnetic slime took this summer by storm – and we’re loving it at Stephen’s Place too. Slime is at the top of the list on the most fun DIY activities right now, but did you know you can make magnetic slime? You can! And here’s what you’ll need:   Liquid Starch (you can find this… Read More

Fairy Glow Jars

Fairy Glow Jars are easy, fun and a beautiful way to light up your room. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic from these Fairy Glow Jars? Here’s what you’ll need for this fun project: 1 mason jar Glow in the dark paint Paintbrushes Paper to use as an easel Elmer’s glue A little bit… Read More

How to Stomp Paint

Stomp painting is an easy way to express yourself creatively with some hands-on fun. You know that wonderful feeling of satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap? What if we told you that this activity is a step up? In this new universe, you get to pop as much bubble wrap as you want and… Read More