6 Crafts for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Both individuality and a sense of community are both key in life. It’s very important to us here. That’s one of the reasons that we offer such a wide range of activities. Our programs include jewelry making, sewing classes, music instruction and awesome DIY crafts like these: Fairy Glow Jars Using the humble Mason jar… Read More

Pet Therapy at Stephen’s Place

Who doesn’t love wagging tails, soft fur and cuddles?  That’s what the Columbia River Pet Partners bring to Stephen’s Place. Inspired by watching other service animals in action, Steve Howard and his wife, Debbie, decided that they were going to work in pet therapy.  Not long afterward, they brought the Golden Retrievers Addy and Bo… Read More

The Story Behind Our Horticultural Therapy Program

Summer is now in full swing, which means it’s also the perfect time for gardening.  At Stephen’s Place, gardening is a therapeutic time for residents, made even better now that our greenhouse is complete. Michele Goodwin, director of our greenhouse project, has volunteered at Stephen’s Place since we opened. She not only had the idea… Read More

The Prom at Stephen’s Place | The Columbian

By Scott Hewitt, Columbian Arts & Features Reporter Published: June 3, 2017, 7:22 PM The Saturday afternoon prom at Stephen’s Place was completely normal. Lots of joy and laughter, lots of flowers and balloons, lots of loud music and leaping about on the dance floor. Plus, of course, a smattering of anxieties, freak-outs and meltdowns…. Read More

Unique community for adults with developmental disabilities opens

(Vancouver, WA) July 9, 2016 – As children with developmental disabilities age, their parents are faced with the challenge of how to care for them as they also grow older and encounter their own health issues. A unique new community for adults with developmental disabilities offers a solution. Stephen’s Place is a not-for- profit community… Read More

Interview with Ellen Stumbo

We recently had the honor of interviewing advocate for children with disabilities and founder of Disability Matters, Ellen Stumbo. When her daughter was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome, Ellen struggled with coming to terms with the news. She then found one of the strongest voices in our community and uses it to educate people about the beauty… Read More

Kuni Auto Group Sold to Holman Automotive

The Stephen’s Place community baked up a special thank you in support of Kuni Automotive. The Kuni Auto Group recently sold to Holman Automotive. The brand will still operate under the same name and Kuni employees will be able to continue to work for the dealerships. To celebrate the sale, our residents got together to bake and deliver… Read More

Our New Therapeutic Garden

May was a busy and exciting time for the Stephen’s Place garden club. Led by our Therapeutic Gardening Program Coordinator Jolie Donohue, our hardworking volunteers Lara and Michele removed and transplanted several shrubs and ornamental grasses to make room for our new therapeutic garden. Garden club participants assisted with removing weeds and spreading compost. We also planted seeds for… Read More

The Orange Pomander

Activities for Developmentally Disabled Adults   Winter in the pacific northwest means citrus season! Last week in garden club, our Stephen’s Place family did a citrus plant study by sampling several citrus fruits including: Heirloom Navel orange, Blood Orange, Cara Cara orange, Page tangerine, and Satsuma mandarin. As part of our study, we made fragrant… Read More

A Day In The Life

After a restful sleep, the alarm sounds and the average Joe is off and on his way to start his day. Teeth brushed, check. Shower, check. Hair coiffed, check. Breakfast eaten, newspaper read and lunch in hand, check, check, check. Business Professionals and soccer moms alike know the value in establishing a daily routine; it… Read More