Magnetic Slime!

Slime is at the top of the list on the most fun DIY activities right now, but did you know you can make magnetic slime? You can! And here’s what you’ll need: Liquid Starch (you can find this at Kroger) Elmer’s glue Rubber gloves Iron oxide powder (you can try Amazon for this one) Disposable… Read More

Fairy Glow Jars

Who doesn’t love a bit of magic? Here’s what you’ll need for this fun project: 1 mason jar Glow in the dark paint Paintbrushes Paper to use as an easel Elmer’s glue A little bit of pixie dust (glitter) Step 1: Pour some of the glow in the dark paint out on the paper so… Read More

Stomp Painting

You know that wonderful feeling of satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap? What if we told you that this activity is a step up? In this new universe, you get to pop as much bubble wrap as you want and make an awesome piece of art at the same time.  Here’s what you’ll need:… Read More

Support Autism Empowerment!

Give More 24! Is a way for people to donate to great causes. Autism Empowerment (whom we’re rather large fans of) will be participating and they need your donations!It takes place at 12 a.m. on September 21, 2017 and last until midnight of the same day. You can donate during those 24 hours at Here’s why… Read More

DIY Seashell Sensory Calm Down Jar

                    Meltdowns can be a major challenge for parents and caregivers, and an absolute nightmare for the person having one. Seashell Sensory Bottles look and act a lot like magic in these situations. Here’s how to make your own: 1 cylinder-shaped bottle, preferable a Voss Water… Read More

Easy DIY Glitter Magnets

At Stephen’s Place, we care very much about independence and supporting individuality. Our residents have their own apartments that they decorate how they choose and sometimes those choices lead to glitter. With this easy project, your clan will be able to create sparkling masterpieces that would turn heads at the likes of Sotheby’s. Here’s what you’ll need:… Read More

Exercise for Everyone: Specialty Athletic Training

We are proud and honored to announce that Specialty Athletic Training has moved into our pad! Owner of Specialty Athletic Training, Ryan Lockard, and his team will be holding their classes at Stephen’s Place. Ryan and his team work with our residents throughout the week, tailoring exercises to each person’s specific needs and favorite moves…. Read More

How to Make a Mentos Rocket

The legendary Mentos Rocket is a fun project you can easily partake in (as long as you don’t mind gambling with the likelihood of being covered in soda!) Here’s what you’ll need: 1 liter of (warm, not cold) Diet Coca Cola 1 package of mint Mentos Masking tape Scissors Step 1: Start by letting your… Read More

6 Crafts for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Both individuality and a sense of community are both key in life. It’s very important to us here. That’s one of the reasons that we offer such a wide range of activities. Our programs include jewelry making, sewing classes, music instruction and awesome DIY crafts like these: Fairy Glow Jars Using the humble Mason jar… Read More

Pet Therapy at Stephen’s Place

Who doesn’t love wagging tails, soft fur and cuddles?  That’s what the Columbia River Pet Partners bring to Stephen’s Place. Inspired by watching other service animals in action, Steve Howard and his wife, Debbie, decided that they were going to work in pet therapy.  Not long afterward, they brought the Golden Retrievers Addy and Bo… Read More