Daily Routines at Stephen’s Place

Daily routines at Stephen’s Place are anything but boring.

After a restful sleep, the alarm sounds and the average Joe is off and on his way to start his day. Teeth brushed, check. Shower, check. Hair coiffed, check. Breakfast eaten, newspaper read and lunch in hand, check, check, check. Business Professionals and soccer moms alike know the value in establishing a daily routine; it provides stability, consistency and predictability.  Stephen’s Place residents are well equipped and encouraged to establish daily routines according to their needs and schedule. With support, residents experience independence and come to thrive through the consistency of their unique routines.


Residents are encouraged to start their day at a reasonable hour. If they are required to wake earlier due to employment or volunteer responsibilities, they will be coached through and prepared for setting and waking to an alarm.

Our caring, attentive team works with each resident to be sure they establish a healthy routine of bathing, grooming and self-care.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We make sure each resident starts their day with a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. 


Employment & Volunteerism

Stephen’s Place programming is built to support a fulfilling, independent living for this unique community. Job Programming is tailored specifically to provide each and every resident with maximum support and opportunity to seek employment and volunteerism in our local community.

Many of our residents are employed and thriving; from office assisting to dishwashing, and hospital cafeteria work, they look forward to engaging with their employers and coworkers. Employment brings a greater sense of independence and fulfillment as they develop new relationships and discover their world from an entirely new perspective.

Residents generally work or volunteer between 1-3 days per week for 4-6 hours per day depending on their physical ability.

Camp Stephen’s & Community Engagement

Camp Stephen’s is our comprehensive, full-day program for residents and guests alike. Each month, themed programming engages the minds and bodies of participants physically, socially and creatively. When residents are not invested in a workplace environment, they are provided opportunity to participate with their fellow residents in positive and exciting programming.

We are proud to support resident Special Olympics athletes! Residents are strongly encouraged to get out into the community and contribute their time and abilities.

We understand that for some residents, maintaining employment or volunteerism is too much. Even so, a heavy activity schedule can be taxing. As such, each resident has the right to decline invitations to group activities. Sometimes, a quiet night at home is just what the doctor ordered! 


After a full day of programming, work or volunteering, residents are welcomed to the dining room for a delicious, healthy dinner with their Stephen’s Place family. Staff and Residents break bread together, reflecting on the highs and lows of their days, laughing and sharing and forging genuine, life-giving bonds. The evening group activity is a natural progression from dinner, continuing conversation through Movies & Popcorn, Sports Games, Root Beer Float Socials, Karaoke, etc.

Residents quietly retreat to their individual apartments, settling into their unique bedtime routines and anticipating the start of a new day.

Daily routines at Stephen's Place are anything but boring.