How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Q: How much protein do I need? A: This is a common question that our athletes at Lewis & Clark College ask because it is the known macro-nutrient that has an important role in the muscle building and recovery process when training. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the average adult needs .8 grams… Read More

Special Needs Training – Bear Crawl Exercise

Ryan Lockard talks about special needs training with a bear crawl exercise. Ryan brings us another tip for special needs training in our weekly fitness video.  No equipment needed for this one!  The bear crawl is a great total body exercise for strength and improving body control.    1) Place both hands on the ground next to… Read More

The Fab 5 Eating Habits

Ryan Lockard gives us tips on the Fab 5 eating habits you need for a healthy diet. New to eating clean? Or ever wonder when you should eat your meals? Here are the Fab 5 eating habits that will help improve your nutrient timing, calorie control, and food selection. Eat every 2-4 hours: The average… Read More

Special Needs Workouts – Box Squats

Specialty Athletic Training demonstrates some exercises for special needs workouts. Ryan Lockard is back with this week with another exercise for special needs workouts.  If you are doing this with your child (or partner) they may have a difficult time maintaining proper posture or sitting down under control.  To help with this, simply stand in… Read More