Fitness FAQ of the Week

I often receive emails from personal trainers asking for exercise tips that would help them train a new client that has autism. Here are some tips and things to remember: 1. Program design process stays the same – People are looking for a personal trainer because they are seeking something a little extra in their exercise routine…. Read More

Superman Exercises

This is a fun core exercise that you can do at home. You can also tailor the name to your child’s interest as well (ex. Harry Potters, Iron Mans, etc). Make it fun and interactive!   1. Lie stomach down on the floor. 2. Raise both arms and legs off the ground. Try to keep… Read More

What You Might Be Missing If You’re Vegetarian

  Did you know that 70% of Americans suffer from ailments related to their diet, which can be improved from following a plant-based diet? Or that it takes approximately 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef? There are several health and environmental reasons why people choose to follow a plant-based diet…. Read More

Exercise at Stephen’s Place – Wall Presses

This exercise is great for individuals that are not able to do push-ups and need to work on their upper body strength. It requires no equipment and can be done at home. Start by standing in front of a wall with your arms extended in front of you. Place hands on the wall (fingers pointing… Read More

Employment: Building Opportunities for All

  As an Independent Apartment Community, we would go to the ends of the earth and back to help our residents feel fulfilled and capable. We offer a variety of means to support this. One area that often presents a challenge is in the area of employment. This includes finding companies that will support an… Read More