5 Easy DIY No-Sew Halloween Costumes

Who says no-sew Halloween costumes aren’t creative and fun?

Sometimes there’s no time to spare to make a Halloween costume.  With that in mind, here’s a list of fun, no-sew Halloween costumes you can quickly and easily make at home:

First on our list of no-sew Halloween costumes: a bubble bath.

1. Bubblebath
An easy and fun costume that you can put together with some white balloons and a few bath accessories.

2. Pineapple
This one is too awesome and (almost) too easy. Further instructions via StudioDIY.com

3. Popcorn Bag
We LOVE popcorn so much that we have our own popcorn maker for movie nights. For this, you’ll need some red and white duct tape, a box and some white pom poms. Alternate strips of white and red duct tape on the outside of the box. Cut two arm holes, a top and a bottom and then glue large white pom poms to the top. If you want to be buttered popcorn, scribble on the pom poms with a large yellow marker.

4. Raining Cats and Dogs
This is more than appropriate for our beloved and beautiful Pac Northwest. You’ll need a hot glue gun, an umbrella, and some plush dogs and cats… Oh, and a raincoat–you’ll most definitely need one of those. Glue the bottom of one toy at a time and stick them onto an umbrella. Nylon umbrellas are better because the plastic/PVC has a tendency to melt with the hot glue.

5. Mummy
Ok, this might be by far the easiest costume ever. Bold statement, yes. You will need either a few large rolls of bandaging, toilet paper or some white bedsheets ripped into strips. Spin one of these all over your body until you’re covered, then wrap it around your arms and legs to make yourself look like you’ve just awoken a long slumber. You can also add some black eye makeup around your eyes to really get the part down.

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